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Hey everyone

Hey to everyone... long time Stitch lover here :) I've been looking for a site that celebrates all the love and cuteness of Stitch, but my journey has been unsuccessful until now. It's nice to find this place!

Anywho... I found myself screencaping the Lilo and Stitch movie last night and making quite a few icons... if anyone is interested, check out trademybikeicon. You're welcome to take, just please credit, as it took me quite some time making all of them.

Anyway, a quick bit about me before I go - My name is Kasey, I'm 20 years old and currently live in Seattle for school, but live in Hawaii, on Maui, otherwise. I hooked my roommate into watching the Lilo and Stitch movie as well as the t.v. show and am in the process of getting her to watch Stitch the Movie... Oh well, enough about me. Hope to hear more from the community real soon! :)
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