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back from WDW-- Stitchalicious fun!!

Got back from WDW a couple weeks ago...and I had a really cool experience with Stitch at the Ohana's character breakfast.  First off, "he" spoke to me; this is my first experience with one of the "head" characters actually speaking.  Granted, I haven't spent tons of time in the parks, but this was my 13th or 14th trip, and the first time one of the full-costume characters has done more than make kissy or slurpy noises at me.  He said "Aw" and "Mine!" and "Boojiboo," as well as some little "hm"s when I asked him which of my Stitch tattoo designs he liked. <g>  He was giving me a big hug (that's where the "aw"s and "boojiboo" came in) when our waiter came up and told him, "That's enough, Stitch!"  He waved the waiter away with one arm and held me to him with the other, and told the waiter, "Mine! Mine!"  The waiter asked, "Do you love her?" and Stitch gestured back and forth between us, from his heart to me, and blew kisses; then the waiter asked if I loved him, and when I said, "Oh, yeah," Stitch got down on one knee, seized my hand in the classic proposal stance, and then kissed the backs of my fingers.  It was incredibly cute, and I think I just floated around for the rest of the day.  Later someone was talking to me about Stitch, and my friend's little girl piped up with "He asked her to marry him!"

Needless to say, it was another great birthday trip to WDW.

I also asked for more information regarding the new Stitch attraction; I didn't learn anything new, unfortunately, but one castmember did say they had been told it was a "Turtle Talk" type Stitch show.  I'm supremely jazzed (as I'm sure the rest of you are!) that Stitch is getting his SECOND attraction in the sacrosanct Magic Kingdom within eight years of his creation.  That's incredible. <g>

(Oh, and someone was asking about Stitch shirts-- the Polynesian Bou-tiki has one right now that has a line up of Tiki totems; one is Mickey, and the last one in the line is Stitch.  They also have a matching pin.  If anyone's interested, I accidentally wound up with two of the shirts and one is too small for me; it's a youth medium, and I couldn't take it back because I had Stitch sign it. :>  If somebody wants it, I'd sell it for cost (about $25) plus postage. If that's okay to mention on this forum. <g>)
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