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so my boyfriend, peter was on his way home from work and decided to stop at FutureShop in the mall. he wanted to see if he could find one of those USB key storage thingies that were suppose to be on sale. on his way out, he stops at the disney store and got me three stitch toys for $30. !!! THIRTY-FRICKIN-DOLLARS! they are SO cute ... he said, "there's also some valentine's day ones, too. and a couple of really cool ones i didn't get." ... i said, "WHY THE HELL NOT?!?" and giggled. he said, "you have to wait another couple of week." boohiss.

but click-y the lj-cut to see a pic. the two little ones were on sale for $2.99, and the big one in the back was on sale for $13.99 ... add in the LOVELY HST ... and it was $30. the big one is normally $60, and the two little ones would be almost $25 (before tax) each. can you frickin' believe it?!

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