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Stitch rocks my socks

Hey guys. I'm glad there's a community for that adorable little alien.

Yesterday I went to the Disney store and got two holiday stuffed Stitches on clearance... yay! They had a lot of really cute Valentine's stuff, too- my favorite was a little paperweight type thing with stitch looking all GRRR.. on the bottom it said "YOU WILL LOVE ME!"

Stitch Kiss!
Me and Stitch makin' out!

Blue Stitch
He's got a froggy!

White Stitch
Brr, it's cold...

White Stitch w/ hood
Put yo hood up!
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My boyfriend bought me two Stitches for Christmas. One of them is him in a sweater and a hat, and the other is him dressed up as an angel. They're so adorable. I haven't seen the white one at the Disney store near me.
awww.. yeah i saw those too. There weren't many of the white ones left, maybe they already sold out where you are...
Aww i have all of those too. I think the valentine ones are cute. hehe
Aww I want that white Stitch!